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Story last updated at 5:17 PM on Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Area stations should drop Limbaugh

I am a strong proponent and believer in the First Amendments guarantee of freedom of speech. I have also been a stalwart for tolerance of others beliefs and opinions, often times searching out such differences in others to broaden my own awareness. My views are not the same as others, this I know. When others views rub me the wrong way I remove myself from earshot. This I have done with Mr. Limbaughs radio talk show program. Numerous people across our country listen to, agree with and even enjoy the radio talk show host. Such is their prerogative.

However his recent programming has crossed a line of human decency. The vitriolic attack on an individual woman for merely voicing her own opinion, displays the degree to which this mans integrity has eroded. How has it come to personal attacks and intolerance? Because the radio stations that broadcast his program have allowed it to escalate to this point. Though I have chosen not to listen to this man, his misogynistic babble has spilled across our country into the mainstream and is strengthening both a cultural divide and a an underlying tone of hatred.

I for one call for the local radio stations that air his program to pull their support and drop this show from their airwaves. You know who you are. Many of you have built your stations on strong foundations of Christian values and morals. To let this latest incident go without action only makes you more culpable. Are you broadcasting baseless degradation of fellow human beings for your own radio stations financial gain?

Tim P. Dillon