Homer Alaska - Police & Court Reports

Story last updated at 12:48 PM on Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Feb. 27

Alaska Wildlife Troopers cited a 61-year-old Anchor Point man, a 40-year-old Anchor Point man and a 49-year-old Homer man for failing to return sport fishing charter logbook pages in a timely manner during the 2011 fishing season.

March 1

After receiving an anonymous tip last November of illegal trapping and possession of lynx in the Tall Tree Avenue area near Anchor Point, wildlife troopers started an investigation. Troopers allege a 36-year-old Anchor Point man trapped a lynx during a closed season and without a trapping license and also failed to seal the animal within 30 days. The man and his son also shot two lynx while hunting. Troopers allege a 59-year-old Anchor Point man received the three lynx and in January took those three lynx and three other lynx legally trapped to the Homer Fish and Game office and allegedly falsified fur sealing records by claiming he trapped all six lynx in Ninilchik in January. The 59-year-old man also had an unsealed bear hide, troopers also allege. Troopers charged the 36-year-old man with trapping without a license, taking or trapping lynx during a closed season, unlawful possession/transportation of game, and two counts of failure to seal lynx within 30 days of being harvested. Troopers charged the 59-year-old man with unlawful possession/transportation of game, unsworn falsification in the second for falsifying the fur bearers sealing record and for possessing an unsealed black bear hide.