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Story last updated at 8:24 PM on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A good business example to follow

Steve McCasland and Karen Berger have shown me how Mardi Gras should be done. They do a great job. That's the way Homer's Winter Carnival should be, though. Local business owners giving back to the community that treats them so well. Steve and Karen should be the example to follow.

I still have a place in the area, but until Cindy retires from her job here (plus, our son keeps having grandkids), most of my time goes here for now. I have an older place on Kent Street that I spend as much time as I can at. Twice a year I drive that 5,000 miles. I can be found on facebook under Robert Folse or e-mailed at rfolsse@cox.net.

I plan to drive back up in late April. Need to explore pouring a slab and moving other dirt around.


Bob Folse, Chalmette, La.


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