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Story last updated at 6:25 PM on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Homer's Best Bets

Here it is March 3 already and you're probably thinking, "Sunny days, long daylight hours and pleasant temps. Mardi Gras is coming and spring is on the way." You'd be right about Mardi Gras, but don't get cocky, Betsteroids. Holy Cotton Balls! You remember last March, doncha? That blizzard put the roar in the saying "in like a lion, out like a lamb." Alaska weather works in its own mysterious ways, so don't celebrate spring until the last snow berm melts.

Still and all, you can't beat these glorious sunny days we've been having. In the Big Book of Reasons Why We Live Here, number 345 is "Lots of snow and over 10 hours of sunshine in late winter." Actually, you can beat these glorious sunny days we've been having by turning off that mid-day wind. OK, other than that, you can't beat it.

These days the Betster drives to work in daylight and drives home in daylight, with a little left over after that tortuous 15-minute commute for a ski with the canine companion. Well, maybe a walk on the beach if the tide's right. Soon enough we'll have that daylight saving time and you can drive home, read the paper, have a mildly intoxicating beverage, and ski to Lookout Mountain and back.

Spring is on the way, but whisper it softly, all right? In eight days it's Spring Break — also known as "when those of us who can't afford vacations have the town to ourselves" — and then the Winter King tournament. The equinox follows, then April Fool's Day, Easter and Passover. Whew.

In the meantime, there's Mardi Gras, and these Best Bets:

BEST BIG BALL BET: If you see school buses parked 10 deep at local lots and gangs of big tall kids running around this weekend, don't be afraid. Homer is the host of the big Region III basketball tournament this weekend. Cheer on the Mariners and welcome their competitors for the series. See story, page 10, for all the details and schedule.

BEST FRESH FRIDAY BET: With Brianna Allen's first Alaska solo show at Bunnell and the Emerging Artists Show at the Homer Council on the Arts, you'll see new — or new to Homer — art. See what's different and exciting in the Homer art scene. For a look at how far one artist has come, check out Toby Tyler's retrospective show at Ptarmigan Arts. Get a jump on art shows today with the International Women's Day exhibit that opened earlier at Latitude 59. See story, page 14, for the whole First Friday schedule.

BEST TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY BET: Catch Youth Artists of the Year Rufaro for the return of Marimba Madness, the Homer Council on the Arts late-winter celebration of African music. Also playing are Shamwari, Zuva and Tamba Hadzi. The show starts at 7 p.m. Saturday at Alice's Champagne Palace. Tickets are $5 youth, $10 HCOA members and $15 general.

BEST SIZZLING SATURDAY BET: Hop on your sled and head for the Caribou Hills for the Snomads annual Fun Run. Registration starts at 8 a.m. Saturday at McNeil Canyon Elementary School. Don't miss the raffle drawing at the Snomads Palace.

BEST WILDER WEST BET: A man escapes death through the love of a good woman, and a woman escapes a fate worse than death by cheating at poker. Yup, that sounds like a cowboy movie, or at least a Sergio Leone western. We're talkin' Puccini, pilgrims — opera. Enjoy the New York Metropolitan Opera on HD video at noon Sunday at the Homer Theatre.

BEST BON TEMPS BET: With the hippest and northernmost Mardi Gras community, Homer is sure to have lots happening on Fat Tuesday. Check out Katie Emerick and English John starting at 7 p.m. Tuesday at a Mardi Gras party at Duggan's.