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Story last updated at 4:54 PM on Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Troopers bust Basargin Road underage drinking party

By Michael Armstrong
Staff Writer

Alaska State Troopers last week arrested a Homer man for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct after attempting to issue him a summons for minor consuming alcohol. That was only one of several incidents at a large underage drinking party last week on East End Road near Basargin Road that troopers called "out of control."

While Trooper Richard Chambers struggled with the suspect, Leonty Polushkin, 20, of Homer, unknown persons set loose two other suspects from his patrol car. At the same time Feb. 19, Wildlife Trooper Trent Chwialkowski had to call off a chase of a drunk driving suspect because of unsafe road conditions and to help Chambers.

"You're dealing with a terribly fluid, highly volatile situation when you've got 80 to 100 people in a state of high intoxication," said Sgt. Dave DeCoeur, head of the Anchor Point trooper post. "The reckless behavior and highly intoxicated juveniles so close to a majorly used roadway is a recipe for disaster at any time of the year, and particularly when it was icy out."

Poluskin and two other men also were cited for minor consuming alcohol. After his arrest, Polushkin started hyperventilating and had to be taken to South Peninsula Hospital. Three hours after first being contacted, Polushkin had a .029 breath-alcohol level.

Polushkin was later released from the hospital and taken to the Homer Jail. There were no other reports of any accidents or injuries associated with the party.

When troopers first arrived at the scene, a popular party area for the East End Road villages of Razdolna, Voznesenka and Kachemak Selo, many partiers scattered, leaving behind their cars, some with keys in the ignition and still running. Troopers confiscated about 100 cans of beer from five cars.

Troopers spent half their shift trying to find the parents of children detained at the party and getting them home safely. DeCoeur said he was concerned about drunk young people running away into deep snow and potentially being injured or killed from exposure.

"That's the concerning part for me. I don't want to see anything bad happen to anybody in those communities," he said.

The other two men charged with minor consuming alcohol were Kiril Matveev, 20, of Homer, with an alleged breath-alcohol level of .15, and Petr Reutov, 18, of Kachemak Selo, with an alleged breath-alcohol level of .154. The first offense for minor consuming alcohol is a nonjailable offense with a $200 to $600 fine.

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