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Story last updated at 4:18 PM on Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Group aims to study, correct abuses within justice system

Several Alaska citizens on the Kenai Peninsula have formed a law study weblog to present results of research into current prison conditions and behavior of police and attorneys in local criminal cases. Our study of local court cases reveals police and prosecutorial cultural discrimination, police dishonesty, police disregard of due process and constitutional rights, police asserting discretion to arrest when no law has been violated, prosecutorial ethics violations, and inadequate public defender work on behalf of clients. Innocent citizens have been framed and jailed by these tactics.

Kenai Peninsula Wildwood Pre-trial Facility subjects prisoners to arsenic-contaminated water and toxic foods dangerous to the life and health of inmates. Inmates can suffer serious health deterioration in as little as three weeks incarceration.

Our intent as Alaskans is to create a public process to examine patterns of abuse. Our motives are to shed light, focus public attention and peaceably inspire our Alaskan police to correct behaviors that pervert justice. In our deliberations we uphold the Constitution of Alaska and the common law and we rely on Alaska jurisprudence.

The police force of Homer is paid by the Homer City Council, a body elected by Homer citizens. Therefore, Homer's police are public servants of the citizenry. It is the responsibility of the citizenry to observe, report publicly, and hold police accountable for patterns of abuse, lest these abuses take hold in our civic culture.

Homer citizens, you are cordially invited to attend an event Friday, March 2, downstairs at the Homer Elks Lodge. Readers can visit the brand-new weblog at http/citizensofalaska.blogspot.com with illustrative cases and fact patterns, as well as your opinions. Local police are cordially invited to join this dialogue.

Lindianne Sarno