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Story last updated at 3:07 PM on Thursday, February 24, 2011

Four-way stop better option

The intersection of Main Street and the Sterling Highway has been in the news lately, along with mention of spending large sums of money to install a traffic slowing device. The two options being discussed were a traffic light and a roundabout. Both are very expensive, with the traffic light incurring ongoing expenditures.

Aren't we looking for ways to decrease spending these days? Has the cost been assessed for lowering the speed limit on the highway to 25 mph as it goes through town? Imagine a four-way stop sign and cross walks in all four streets on the corner of Main Street and the Sterling Highway. Can the city and state take a little more time and consider this option? They have said that the roundabout would need to be the size of one on C Street in Anchorage, and have ruled it out as too expensive. Thank goodness, as Homer is not Anchorage, and has no need for such a huge intersection.

Do we really need a traffic signal and its operational expenses? Or would a four-way stop sign provide the level of traffic control necessary in a town our size? What do we want our town to look like? Main Street could be upgraded with sidewalks if there is money to spend, and people would find it safer to walk between the central business district along Pioneer Avenue down to the burgeoning Old Town area and Bishop's Beach. Main Street has the incredible view of Kachemak Bay at its terminus. Let's embellish that, and allow our town to be different.

Cynthia Morelli