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Story last updated at 3:09 PM on Thursday, February 24, 2011

$44,000 for lobbyist poorly spent

I recently learned Homer has hired a lobbyist for $44,000 a year. One of the major stated reasons for hiring the lobbyist was to get a natural gas pipeline extended to Homer. Rep. Paul Seaton and Senate President Gary Stevens did their jobs well and were able to get the pipeline in the budget last year, until Gov. Parnell vetoed it. Unless the $44,000 per year is a covert bribe to Parnell, I don't see how it will get the southern Kenai Peninsula a gas pipeline.

Lest we forget, illegality has never been an impediment to fascist Alaskan politicians getting things done. Bill Allen, Ted Stevens, Ben Stevens and other prominent members of the Corrupt Bastards Club have provided the example for private gain in public service. If the $44,000 per year is not a covert bribe to Parnell, it would have been better spent on local nonprofits who actually contribute to Homer residents and the Homer economy. Alternatively, $44,000 of taxpayer money could have been contributed to Parnell's opponent in the last, or next, general election. While illegal, this would have had a better chance of getting a gas pipeline to Homer than a lobbyist.

Frank Vondersaar