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Story last updated at 3:08 PM on Thursday, February 24, 2011

Community spirit applauded

McNeil Canyon Elementary student council has been blessed with community spirit in the last few months. Student council members asked Bruce Turkington at SBS to donate some parts for the soccer goals we wanted to build. He donated $100 worth of materials and a student's father donated the nets. The goals are used every day at recess, even in the snow.

Student council has also held two night skates this year. We ran out of skates for people to borrow at the first night skate, so for the second, we talked to Domenic Cordle at the Kevin Bell Arena. He was generous enough to donate 59 pairs of skates. We had numerous parents help with loaning us hay bales to sit on, firewood to keep us warm and yummy goodies to eat and warm up with. The student council would like to thank all these people for helping us have a great year. We appreciate all that you have done for us.

Mo Wilkinson and the McNeil Canyon Student Council


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