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Story last updated at 8:03 PM on Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Krystal Edens: Basketball-playing senior has heart

Mariner Profile

Krystal Kay Edens is a senior at HHS, on the Mariner basketball team. The sweet-natured, soft-spoken girl loves basketball, her family, seining, kids and school. Teammates notice her hard work, dedication and steady leadership.


Krystal Kay Edens

What about basketball?

I've played basketball since seventh grade. It was never a question of whether I would play the next year. I would always play. I love it. I see it more than a game. It's not about winning or losing; it's more like a team effort. We haven't always had a good program and so seeing new coaches coming in and everything the program is just building up. It's fun just to see it be built up and have me be a part of it. We're starting to get better and build our skills and it's been fun.

Do you play other sports?

I've played softball my sophomore year. I did soccer in middle school. I'll probably be playing softball this spring, otherwise basketball has just been my prime sport. I just loved it, stuck with it. ... It's been hard sticking with basketball with the losing record, people wanting to quit, but it's a sport that I've never questioned whether I'll play next year.

What do you love about it?

The team aspect of it and the actual plays, the thought processes, the logic behind every play and every possession what you need to think through.

How do you like playing with your sister?

Cousin, she's my cousin. People do think we're sisters. I love it, because even Elissa Tutt is my cousin, too. I love playing with my cousins because it's like you know who they are, you never have to question whether they're 100 percent in it or not. You just know that they're your family; they'll love you no matter what type of a thing.

Have you played with them for a long time?

This is the first year when they've all been completely on varsity with me, so that's been fun. But they've always been around for basketball 'cause they've always played.

Do you have brothers or sisters?

I have two older brothers. One just bought a boat. That's what my dad does, he commercial fishes, so that's what I do in the summer, I commercial fish with my dad, so that's what my older brother is doing. I love commercial fishing.

What sort of commercial fishing?

Prince William Sound seining. My dad fished ever since out of high school ... he loves it.

And you love it too?

It's like a vacation to me; it's not a job. I love it 'cause then I don't have to work in the winter so I can do athletics. I can play basketball and not worry about paying for gas. ... I'm a daddy's girl so being with my dad all summer is amazing. I do miss my mom, though, but I definitely love it.

What will you do after graduation?

I'll be fishing this summer and this fall I'm applying for a three-year Bible institute in Dallas, Texas. I'll be learning children's ministry ... and then from that I'll pursue my higher education of actually being a teacher.

What makes you want to be a teacher?

I loved school when I was little. I loved my teachers, every teacher I had, I just admired. As I kept getting older, I kept liking little kids. So, loving school and loving kids, I want to be an elementary teacher.

What others say

Dennis Welch, Lady Mariners' head basketball coach: Krystal's got a lot of heart. She's our emotional leader of the team, steady, calm, pretty soft-spoken, but there's never going to be a night where she's not giving it everything she's got. That's what I really appreciate about her. She may not have the best skills in the world, but my goodness she's out there trying every minute she's on the floor.

Elissa Tutt, Krystal's cousin: You can always count on her. She's a really hard worker and really good at basketball. A good friend. If she messes up, she doesn't let emotions get in the way. She always plays her hardest.

Mark Edens, Krystal's dad: She always has a real good attitude. She's a real team leader that way. She carries a lot of integrity and works real hard. I love having her on the boat. She loves to give, she loves to serve people.

Brenda, Krystal's mom: At home, she is a very independent girl. She takes care of herself so well. She's very creative, organized, reaches out to a lot of people. ... Whatever she decides to do, it will be wonderful.