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Story last updated at 5:04 PM on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A most fond farewell

It is with a heart full of sadness that I must say goodbye to all my loyal friends, movie-goers and popcorn lovers. After four years of managing the Homer Theatre, recent changes in supervision and organization have made me feel unable to continue working there. I will miss your smiles, your jokes, your hugs. And I will sincerely miss shaking your popcorn and getting it just right.

You have helped make some of my most treasured memories. Remember the Senior Center Talent Show? Wow! There has never been a crowd to match that one. Gaye, wherever you are, I love you and thank you. I remember a night when about 50 of you voted to have me stop the 35 mm projector so we could step outside and experience a most amazing eclipse together. And sitting in the front row with Juli Cesarini on her last Christmas Eve, belting out Beatles songs to Across The Universe. Still miss you, my friend.

Somany faces ... so many memories. Thank you all. I send all of you a ginormous collective hug.

Its all cosmic...

Robin Daugherty