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Story last updated at 6:29 PM on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

D Project visits this week

Miami-based performance artists Teo Castellanos and Rudi Goblen of D Project visit Homer this week for a series of workshops and shows. Meet the artists and learn about B-boy, break dance and beat-box based live theater at 6 p.m. today with a potluck dinner, discussion and showing of their film, "Fat Boy," at Bunnell Street Arts Center.

Castellanos performs his "NE 2nd Avenue," and Goblen his "Insanity Isn't" at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday at Bunnell.

"NE 2nd Avenue" is a multi-character piece about the people and cultures who live along NE 2nd Avenue in Miami, including those from Puerto Rican, African American, Jamaican, Haitian, Cuban, Jewish, and gay and lesbian cultures. A practicing Zen Buddhist, Castellanos performed "NE 2nd Avenue" at the 2008 Edinburgh, Scotland, Fringe Festival, where it won the Fringe First Award.

When he first took his play to Edinburgh, Castellanos said people asked him how a multi-ethnic piece set in Miami would work in Scotland.

"It's like watching a foreign film," Castellanos said in a phone interview last week. "You might not get every nuance of the language. Doing the Fringe Festival confirmed that for me."

Tickets to the shows are $25 or pay as you can, available in advance at Bunnell. Castellanos and Goblen also have been doing an Artist in Schools residency this week.