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Story last updated at 5:47 PM on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Homer's Best Bets

Ladies, have ya been pining over that handsome lad and wishing he'd get up the courage to propose? As tradition has it, this being a Leap Year and all that, you can cut to the chase and ask him "Will you marry me?" No doubt that's what he would say, if only the coward would get some steel in his spine.


Photographer: Michael Armstrong, Homer News

Beach? What beach? Pressure ridges of ice that have built up at the edge of the Mariner Park beach on the Homer Spit make getting down to the sand flats tricky at low tide last Friday. Between ice floes that washed up during high tides and heavy snows, the upper beach is buried.

Ayup, next Wednesday's date reminds us that we get an extra day this month. As it says in the 1600 play "The Maid's Metamorphosis," "Master be contented, this is leape yeare / Women weare breetches, petticoats are deare." Tradition allows women to do the proposing, and if a man refuses a woman, he has to buy her a silk gown or something. Legends being legends and all that, it's a bit unclear.

But Holy Susan B. Anthony, not only is this a Leap Year, it's the 21st century. Women wear breeches all the time. They don't need Leap Year to raise questions of marriage, if they want to marry at all.

All sorts of things will become topsy turvy this year, as seasoned observers of the presidential election have no doubt noticed. How could this year not be otherwise, if only in weather? Is this an El Nino or a La Nina ocean temperature pattern? Which one is cold and which is hot? The Betster always forgets, but that's OK, because so does the planet.

Hot or cold, breeches or petticoats, it all will get sorted out soon enough, because that's what Leap Years do: even out Earth's passage around the sun in 362.242374 days. If you do the math, that means not only do we get Leap Years, but Leap Centuries and sometimes even Leap Millennia. One thing's for certain, extra days or not, there's always something cool to do, like some of these Best Bets:

BEST GET TOASTY BET: Get some of that warm tropical heat, if only through the magic of theater, when D Project brings its beat-box based, scorching hot Miami performance art to town. Meet artists Teo Castellanos and Rudi Goblen of D Project at 6 p.m. today with a potluck dinner, discussion and showing of their film, "Fat Boy," at Bunnell Street Arts Center. At 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday they perform "NE 2nd Avenue" and "Insanity Isn't" at Bunnell. Tickets are $25 or pay as you can.

BEST SQUISHY TIRES BET: Fat-tire bikes were designed in Alaska by Alaskans to ride on snow — and sand. Find out about the latest bike-geek machines with the first Big Fat Bike Fest, running Friday-Sunday. There are demos, beach bike rides and more. See story, page 2, for all the details.

BEST BUEN CAMINO BET: That's "Good Camino," pilgrims, the greeting people say to each other as they walk the ancient pilgrimage routes to Santiago, Spain. Artist and writer Christina Whiting speaks about her camino at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center. She's the presenter for the annual meeting of the Kachemak Bay Conservation Society. See story, page 12.

BEST RONDI UP BET: Didn't get enough of winter carnival earlier this month in Homer? Head up the road to Anchor Point for its annual Snow Rondi, running today through Sunday. Enjoy the talent show, pool tournament, pinewood derby, a parade, winter sports, a wood splitting competition and more fun. For the full schedule, see page 11.

BEST YOU LIKE US, YOU REALLY DO: You may have noticed the Betster has been posting Best Bets daily on our Facebook page. Did you have hot plans for Tuesday and get slighted by the Betster? Fear not. We got ya covered. Check out the daily Best Bets.