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Story last updated at 7:43 PM on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mack Wood: focused, fun-loving

By Lindsay Johnson
Staff Writer

The Homer News interviewed Mack Wood, a 17-year-old senior at Homer High School and forward on the basketball team.

How long have you played basketball?

I've been around it my whole life. My sister (Emily Wood) just got into it so it became a family thing I guess. I played boys and girls club since six or eight. I went to Ninilchik for middle school for seventh and eighth so I played there and we got second in boroughs both years I played. Then here I played freshman, junior, senior year.


Mack Wood

Do you look up to your sister?

She was really good. She played in Ninilchik when they won state all those years with Dan Leman.

What do you like about basketball?

I just like the team work and everything. I'm not that into individual sports. This, it's like everyone has to do their part in order to succeed. We got to do it as a team. We've got to work hard together.

You play football; what other sports do you play?

I played my freshman and sophomore year but I didn't continue. I played baseball one year. I'm iffy about this year, my friends are trying to get me to play but I'm not sure if I'm going to.

What about basketball keeps you coming back?

Basketball. I'm more comfortable around I guess. I just like playing. I play more physical ball and I'm not afraid to hit somebody pretty hard on a foul. If I'm going to foul them I'm going to foul them. I draw some pretty hard charges. I don't like playing teams that don't have any big guys in the paint because then it's boring for me 'cause then I have to be out guarding some guard who is faster than I am 'cause I'm definitely not fast. I just like to play in the paint, push people around. It's just fun to be physical.

What do you like about your position?

I'm not much of an offensive player. I maybe score two or four points a game but on defense I hustle. I have bruises all over my knees and my elbow, diving on the floor getting the ball. That's the reason Coach likes the way I play, just 'cause I get so into the game. If you see me on the court I'm pretty much not usually smiling too much. People think I'm not having fun, I'm not happy. I'm having fun, I just don't show it by smiling. I just get kind of pissed off.

What do you outside of basketball?

I like to hunt and fish. I like to snowmachine and four wheel, all the outdoorsy kind of stuff.

What do you like about the outdoors, about Anchor Point, about where you are in the world?

I don't know what it would be like to be in a city... I'm going to join the Navy and travel with that, and by the looks of it right now I'm probably going to come back to Alaska just 'cause I like the small town, less government, more individuality, do what I want, when I want, no regulations.

What made you want to join the U.S. Navy?

I've wanted to join the military ever since I was little. I've just looked into different forces recently... the Navy just had what I wanted. I want to major in engineering and the navy has really good engineering programs. I'm applying for the ROTC scholarship but won't know until May if I got it. If not I'll just enlist.

You want to be an engineer?

If I get the ROTC scholarship my number one choice is University of Oklahoma. I want to become a petroleum engineer and then I'll become an officer. In the Navy I want to be in intelligence. I'm thinking cryptology.

You like math?

Math and science, those are my strong subjects. I like facts that I can see and just do.

Anything else important?

School's pretty important to me. When we have late practice I probably get home at like 9:30 at night, so I'm not feeling like too much in the homework mood. I think if I tried harder I could get a 4.0 but I guess a 3.75 is good enough.

What does Mack Wood bring to the Mariner basketball team?

Head Basketball Coach Mark Casseri:

Hard work. Honesty. Integrity. He's a hard working young man. He's got very good morals, he's got high standards for himself and expects that of others.

Jonathan Jester, team captain:

He's kind of like the disciplinary guy on the team. He doesn't goof around a whole lot. He keeps everyone in line. When somebody's getting out of line he'll straighten them out. He usually just says something or will give him a good nudge.

Heath Johnson, teammate and good friend:

Good leader. He always makes us do better than what we are. He's always pushing us forward.

He's a good person. He likes having fun. He's good to his friends. He's a real hard worker he pushes us in everything.

Jessica Buckley, team manager:

He's very focused.

Sienna Rucker, classmate:

He just has drive he wants to get it done and he wants to do it right.