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Story last updated at 7:38 PM on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Proof bicycling not seasonal sport

On behalf of The Homer Cycling Club I would like to thank the Homer Chamber of Commerce for continuing the tradition of Winter Carnival and allowing us the opportunity to demonstrate that bicycling is not a seasonal sport, but a year-round lifestyle.

We would like to give high-fives all around to the dozen-plus intrepid bicyclists who put two wheels to the ice and represented the HCC in the parade down Pioneer and to those who came to ride and watch the first annual B-Icycle Races on Beluga Lake.

Further shout-outs go to Kim McNett and Jessie Dullinger for creating the parade flags for us to rally around; Kevin and Courtney Kiel as well as Chase Warren for the making of the race course; Catriona Lowe and Hayley Norris for stalwart ground support; Andrew Peter and Heidi Herzog for the fire pit that kept us warm despite the bitter cold and wind; and to everyone else who pitched in and made it all successful.

The Homer Cycling Club is less than a year in existence and I am proud to be a part of such an amazing group of bicyclists who enjoy being out there and participating in the greater community, always willing and absolutely able to make things happen. Look for more HCC happenings in the upcoming months, where you can find us helping kids stay safe on their bikes at the Safe Kids Fair in April, hosting Bike to Work Week in May, and staging races on Lookout Mountain in August.

And watch for us every day as more and more you will see us pedaling our way to greater health, happiness and independence. For information or to be a part of the club, please e-mail homercyclingclub@gmail.com.

Derek Reynolds

Homer Cycling Club