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Story last updated at 4:15 PM on Wednesday, February 15, 2012

House bill targets 'Citizen United' ruling

JUNEAU — A bill urging an amendment to the U.S. Constitution limiting campaign contributions had a hearing before the House State Affairs Committee on Wednesday.

Sponsor Rep. Les Gara, an Anchorage Democrat, says the bill stems from a 2010 Supreme Court decision that paved the way for corporations, unions and wealthy Americans to give unlimited amounts of money in support of political campaigns.

The resolution says that court decision "harms the ability of average citizens to have a voice in their own government."

Ketchikan Republican Rep. Kyle Johansen asked Gara if he supports limiting money spent on donors to issue campaigns, like the groups that fund constant commercials either in support of or against Pebble Mine. Gara says the bill only targets electoral campaigns.


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