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Story last updated at 5:03 PM on Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thanks for a great parade

The Homer Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center would like to extend a warm thank you to all the amazing volunteers and public servants who helped make the 2012 Winter Carnival parade a success.

Thank you to the public for coming out to enjoy the parade. We are happy to say it was warmer than last year. We would like to thank everyone for keeping the roads clear during the parade to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

A special thank you to:

Road blockers: Keith Kalke, Paula Frisinger, Christina Whiting, Julie Parizek, Cassy Quinlan, Alida Dunning, Van Hawkins, Paula Riley, Lori Mikols, Pat Melone, Julie Davis and Jo Davis;

Staging helpers: Paula Frisinger, Maura Gibson and Janet Higley;

The American Legion for the color guard;

Officer Browning and Officer Knott of the Homer Police Department for taking time out of their day to participate in the parade;

Public Works for the use of the roadblocks;

Keith Kalke for the delivery and set up of the road blocks;

Bay Realty for allowing the use of their facility for the judges station and for being such a great host to the judges and emcee;

Chris Story for being such a great emcee;

Judges Janna Davis, Jenny Martin and Julie Huntsman; and lastly

A huge thank you to Alaska USA Federal Credit Union for being such a generous sponsor of this years Winter Carnival.

Thank you for a great Winter Carnival.

Nyla Lightcap, visitor center manager

for everyone at the

Homer Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center