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Story last updated at 5:01 PM on Wednesday, February 15, 2012

GOP in race to the bottom

Might Mitt Romneys severely conservative delusion of himself deliver the Republican nomination into the hands of a really severely conservative guy, the Dour Inquisitor, Rick Santorum? Hes certainly severe enough to capture the imagination of todays backward-looking 15th century Republican Party.

If Rick Santorum could compare President Obama to a Jacobin of the French Revolution, taking us on the road to the guillotine, might he, himself, be compared to putting us on the road, like back in the days of the Spanish Inquisition, to burning the unorthodox at the stake?

How else to reply to Santorums pathetic distortion, amid conservative applause? Push back or turn the other cheek? What weird times were in.

What does it all mean? Well see.

To listen to the prospective Republican candidates at the Conservatives CPAC convention last week, what a race theyve got going between themselves to the bottom.

Newt was really special. I wont go there.

Tim OLeary


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