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Story last updated at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Era Alaska helps family in need

We wish to thank the staff at Era Alaska here in Homer as well as the rest of the state for helping to get cargo to the Henry family in Scammon Bay.

Scammon Bay is quite isolated and is known for fierce Bering Sea weather. Right in the midst of one of its infamous storms, our familys house caught fire. Family members escaped through the only window which wasnt frozen shut, into a 20 below 0 blizzard. Only in their stocking feet, T-shirts and thin pants, they jumped into darkness. They lost everything clothing, household items, their means to hunt and fish, all their stored food as well as all their identification.

There are eight members of the family living in the house including a small child and two teenagers. It is hard to imagine the loss, confusion and desperation they faced.

Our thanks to Era Alaska for the major assistance in getting the cargo to them that the churches and individuals donated here in Homer and Anchor Point. It is a tribute for the fine people living in this area. This is why we all live here.

A big thank you to the churches and individuals as well.

The family is now re-organizing, they found an old house that they shoveled the snow out of, fixed the window and with a donated heater began a home again. They are clothed, have bedding, food and most of all their sense of worthiness and humor are returning. It was a joy to hear a bit of a chuckle on the phone the other day. They are very aware of the contribution that Era provided and are humbled.

Without Eras help and the folks who donated,this could not have happened. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

God bless,

Sharon and Wesley Henry

Fritz Creek