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Story last updated at 8:55 PM on Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let's not honor Reagan

A bill is in the Alaska Legislature to honor Ronald Reagan. Alaska has an airport and a mountain named after Ted Stevens. These are two of the worst hard-core fascist criminal U.S. politicians of the last half century. In addition to supporting Bush-Reagan hard-core fascist criminals and Sarah Palin lunatic-fringe, Alaskans have shown tolerance for their reverse Robin Hood policies and one-dollar, one-vote perversion of the U.S. Constitution, established by the current five-fascist-justice majority U.S. Supreme Court in "Citizens United."

If Alaska really wants to overtake Texas as the most fascist state in the U.S., they should name the Fairbanks airport for Ronnie Reagan and follow up by naming the Juneau airport after Dick Cheney.

Frank Vondersaar


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