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Story last updated at 8:56 PM on Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It happened again

In the past six months the American flag has been taken from the General Buckner Veterans Memorial flag poles located at the Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center at least 10 times. This past week the Alaska flag was taken. Those flag poles are lighted. Have you noticed anything going on at night when it is dark?

It makes a person wonder if the person who took the flags is angry at the United States, veterans organizations, and/or Islands and Ocean. Or are they doing it just because they can. Are they cold and need something to wrap up in? Do they want a flag? I am sure any of the veteran organizations in Homer area would give them a flag, whether it be a U.S. flag or an Alaska state flag. Come and ask, if that is the case.

The police department is again aware of the situation and will keep an eye on the flags around town. Sure, we can afford a new flag every now and then, but we would just as soon donate that money to the Homer Community Food Pantry or a scholarship for a senior who wants to go on to college.

What happened to the respect for the flag that represents our country and what we stand for?

Darlene Sheldon

American Legion Auxiliary