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Story last updated at 4:04 PM on Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let's not forget the human factor

The distance of human contact is becoming more self evident every day. Technology has given us the ability to interact on a purely digital format. Digital information and nonhuman contact has placed us into an impersonal communication level that is negating the human factor.

Text messaging, with acronyms that have no feeling, reduces the full impact of the verbal impact that has become the staple of our current communication level.

There is no substitute for the spoken word that imparts the full measure of a human thought.

Vocal inflections, tonality and facial expressions when possible are essential to communication and understanding. We need to talk to one another to keep connected to our humanity. We should not let technology reduce our humanity. The sound of a human voice is a beautiful thing and should not be diminished by technology.

Language separates humanity from the beasts. We have the unique ability of speech and should embrace it with gusto. The ability to talk to a fellow human being is a gift and we should have reverence for that gift.

James Mikesell