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Story last updated at 4:05 PM on Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Community spirit can't be beat

When we moved to Homer almost 30 years ago we were mesmerized by the raw beauty of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula and scenic view of Kachemak Bay and the Kenai Mountains. We thought we moved here for the views, excellent salmon and halibut fishing, hunting and employment opportunities we found to support and nourish our family.

Fast forward many years and yes, it is still an amazingly scenic place with incredible opportunity. We have caught lots of salmon and halibut, harvested many moose, work at good jobs and raised our boys to be fine young men we are proud of.

The intent of this letter was to express a huge thank you to the road crews for working extra hard and long to keep our roads clear for us this winter, especially during the three days we experienced three doozey blizzards. You guys and gals rock.

But then I got to thinking there are many other people I want to say thank you to who work tirelessly and hard to make our lives better here in Homer. The postal workers, police and public safety employees, city public works employees, firefighters and EMS responders, clerks in the grocery store and banks, educators, clergy, medical professionals, volunteers, council and borough members, politicians — all of you who make life in Homer so very near perfect for us. And don't even think of throwing a fundraiser here without expecting to be totally floored by the donations of goods, time, money, food and support.

Nowadays if you ask me why I moved to Homer, hands down I would say it was for the community spirit, the people, the small town compassion and the charm of being in a town where you can't go to the grocery store without seeing many familiar faces who really do care how you are doing. This is why we stay here.

The majestic mountains, blue glaciers and big fish — they are just a bonus for getting to reside in a seaside community in Alaska with a huge warm heart and lots of big smiles.

Teri Robl