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Story last updated at 6:02 PM on Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Say 'no' to Chuitna mine

To the people of Alaska: Please stand up and let your voices be heard regarding strip mining at Chuitna. I've had the wonderful privilege of visiting your state twice now and hope to come again soon. Don't let any coal company come to your state and destroy any part of your land.

Have any of you ever visited any coal areas in the lower 48? It's not a pretty sight. Only the corporations grow rich. The land is raped, the people/workers pay with squalid living conditions and suffer from poor health. Believe me, nothing is ever "fixed back up." So, please say no. Your state is the Last Frontier. Let it remain so for the generations who follow mine. Why should you Alaskans trade renewable salmon for dirty coal?

Linda Tucker

Oakboro, N.C.


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