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Story last updated at 6:05 PM on Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Fireweed appreciates help

Starting a new school is no easy task. It takes money and it takes many hands. There have been numerous articles on philanthropy lately and the new K-2 Little Fireweed Academy has been the recipient of some phenomenal assistance.

Billy Day donated his time, expertise and surveying equipment to develop a topographic map of the LFW property. We very much appreciate Billy's enthusiasm as we begin to "spruce up" our new and practically non-existent playground.

Local nurse and Fireweed Academy parent Lisa Zatz spends a good deal of time at Little Fireweed, not only as our sometimes, as needed nurse, but she also donates long hours keeping our kids healthy.

Homer audiologist Susan Bunting volunteered her time to administer hearing tests for all the kindergartners and first graders. Susan is well known in her field and she not only tested the kids' hearing, but looked at every ear drum and tested them for proper movement — these are not required, but are suggested screenings.

And then there are all our regular, tireless, show up every time parents who help students, answer phones, make copies, clean up paste, assist teachers and do whatever else needs doing. You keep our school moving along, helping to ensure student success. Talk about great mentors. Little Fireweed is truly a group effort. Our thanks to all of you.

Rachel Livingston, president

Fireweed Academy

Academic Policy Committee