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Story last updated at 6:05 PM on Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brother Asaiah's memory honored

Brother Asaiah, in old fashioned language, loved us. Whether our belief system was hippie or John Bircher, tea party or progressive, he listened patiently, attentively, thoughtfully and kindly to what we had to say. He expressed his compassionate concern while attending almost every town gathering and by writing hundreds of love letters to us through the Letters to the Editor.

He called me home to my own soul. No matter how beat-down or discouraged I was, my hungry soul soared when I saw his letter to the editor. Somebody still believed enough in the power of love to say so. Somebody else knows that, in the grand scale, love matters.

We, who were here before Brother left his body in 2000, remember. Our mayor remembers and has again declared Valentine's Day to be Brother Asaiah Day. Rightly so, for Brother Asaiah brought Saint Valentine right into our living rooms in his own love-letter way.

Not every community has someone who loves them so completely that they see themselves as community. That was our gift from Brother Asaiah.

Our thank-you is to pass it on, each of us in our own unique way.

If you are new to Homer and would like to know more about this slice of Homer history, read "Brother Asaiah," available in the library and bookstores, or now available for $2.99 through Kindle, which you can share with anyone else for no charge. Bro would have wanted his search for values to be shared with all who live in our beloved "Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea."

Martha Ellen Anderson