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Story last updated at 4:11 PM on Wednesday, February 1, 2012

After losses to Colony, Palmer, Mariner teams head to Seward

By Angelina Skowronski

It was a weekend of mixed feelings for the Mariner boys and girls basketball teams as they played regular season games against Colony and Palmer.

The boys team lost 79-44 to Colony on Friday, but had a close match against Palmer on Saturday, losing by only eight points with the final score 68-60 Palmer.

"Anytime you go on the road, you give up 10 to 15 points," said Head Boys Basketball Coach Mark Casseri.

With Colony and Palmer, two of the larger schools in the conference, Casseri said Homer was matched well to Colony's speed.

Devon Kennelty, who has been a bench warmer due to a foot injury, played his first game of the season against Colony. In his first day back, he scored four points for the Mariners. Other scorers in the game were Dyllan Day with 12 points, Sam Reinart with 10, Robin Glosser with nine, Ryan Cotney with six, Quinn Daugherty with two, and Garet Moyer with one point.

The Palmer game proved more promising for the Mariners, in a back and forth match.

"There were signs of brilliance," said Casseri.

Kennelty's recovering foot showed no signs of handicap at the game, scoring 18 points for the Mariners.

It was Dyllan Day's second day as the high scorer with 20 points on the board, 15 points of which were from the three-point line. Konstantin Reutov and Robin Glossser both scored seven points, and Heath Johnson and Ryan Cotney each scored with four points.

"This weekend was good for us," said Casseri. "We lost both, but confidence was gained in the kids."

The girls team had a less than successful weekend, losing to both Colony and Palmer.

"Our defense worked hard," said Head Girls Basketball Coach Dennis Welch. "The points were mainly made on the other teams' breakaways."

Big schools means big competition and that is what the Lady Mariners received.

"We played big schools," said Welch. "Colony is over 1,200 students and Palmer is 800. We are only 300 so already we were at a disadvantage."

Playing in the 4A division puts Homer at odds with any school larger than 500 students. The goal for next year is to drop Homer down to the 3A division which are schools with 151-500 students.

"Hopefully next year when we play 3A schools like Seward and Nikiski, we will have more healthy competition, unlike what we have now," said Welch.

With a young team like Lady Mariners basketball, healthier, evenly match competition will be more beneficial for the team and school in the long run.

"We are not going to let these games demoralize us," said Welch. "We are going to focus on getting better. The girls are resilient and strong."

Both teams head to Seward today for the three-day Seward Tournament.

Angelina Skowronski is a freelance writer who lives in Homer.