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Story last updated at 3:40 PM on Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Show your support for the Mariners

In the basketball season of 2007-08 Wasilla came to town. They toted seven buses packed with fans, bands, troupes and squads, and of course their very large teams. They are a school of about 2,000. Homer is a school of less than 400. We are both considered 4A.

When I walked in the gym that evening to watch my daughter play, I saw red. Everywhere red. Our small humble Homer crowd was stunned to silence huddled in a small area just left of the entrance doors. We had no band that night.

Wasilla returns again to Homer on Feb 17. Most likely they will be wearing red.

I am asking you, our community, to come together this day to show your support for Homer High School athletes. You don't have to love basketball, or even like it. You just may have to have a sense of community, a sense of loyalty and support and a sense of justice for your local youth.

Come early and watch the Lady Mariners. They play at 6 p.m. But you should come by 5:30 to get your seat. The boys varsity will follow at about 7:30 p.m. Fill up the gym with blue and gold. Dig out your blue and gold clothes, raise your hands up and clap to the beat. Be creative, get wild and be dedicated to making a blue and gold statement.

Prepare yourselves. Although we have awesome athletes and the game is fun to watch, this isn't about winning a score, this is about supporting your young community.

I know for a fact that these young people play better and feel better when they are being supported by fans who cheer them on.

Thank you in advance for adventuring out for a good cause. We have always appreciated the many and varied members of the community that have come to support the Mariners.

See you Friday, Feb. 17 at the Alice Witte Gymnasium at 5:30 p.m. Bring your clapping hands, your cheering voice and lightness of heart.

Kim Greer

Mariner parent and fan