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Story last updated at 3:37 PM on Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Suggestions for improving Homer's sign code

Here's a solution for the Homer Sign Code. Where did the planning commission go right? Where did the planning go wrong?

The Homer City Council has sent the proposed sign ordinance to the commission to be pro-business. Don't wait to share your thoughts with the commission. Act now. Remind them that this is a small, vibrant community and what we need is a partner in making our town economically viable to do business in, not knee-deep regulation based on one small group's vision of what Homer should "look like."

What's right about commission's proposed changes:

Allowing multiple buildings on one lot to each have up to 150 square feet of signage based on their individual square footage versus having only 150 for the one property and small buildings would have to split that up — one, two or 10 buildings.

This was reasonable and right (pro-business)

Missed opportunity:

Remove language about sandwich board signs regarding 14 days out of 90.

Create very specific language regarding size and location: not more than x number of square feet, not in line of site for ingress and egress and maintain it. I'd even be OK with it having to come in and out daily — that's how I used mine.

What's Wrong:

Removing sandwich board signs as an allowed temporary sign for commercial business.

Reducing sign size for political signs.

Reducing the opportunity of appeal to seven days from 30 — yet the city has 60 days to process your appeal.

Moving appeals from the council (board of adjustment) to Superior Court. That almost seems like a punitive measure and a barrier to due process.

The solution is simple, clean and fair.

Chris Story