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Story last updated at 3:50 PM on Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Era's support goes beyond extra mile

This past Sunday, The Capitol Steps performed at the Mariner Theatre. It was an evening of comedy at its best. Thank you, Homer, for coming out on a cold Sunday night and supporting another great show in Homer with nationally renowned performers.

Homer Council on the Arts presented the show, but could only bring this talent to Homer with the support of an audience and business sponsorships. Ocean Shores Motel generously opened up during their winter hibernation to provide seven rooms for the cast. Maura's Cafe fed them a delicious lunch. Homer Physical Therapy offered free massage. The Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies took some of the cast for a snowshoe. Volunteers and HCOA board members taxied and fed the cast. And Era Alaska donated free round trip transportation between Anchorage and Homer — but that was not all.

The staff at Era spent all day on Sunday "back stage." The Capitol Steps cast flew from Fairbanks to Anchorage Sunday morning. The Alaska Airlines flight was delayed making for a 3-minute connection to Homer. Era held the flight to Homer until the seven-member cast was aboard. But legs run to catch planes faster than luggage. The Era agents in Homer and Anchorage spent the entire day going above and beyond the call of duty to locate, reroute and expedite the group's numerous bags of props, costumes, wigs and personal luggage that missed the transfer from Alaska Airlines.

Between Era Alaska and Grant Aviation, the bags did arrive. The Homer agents from Era made two trips from the airport to the theater, delivering bags as soon as they arrived at the airport. The Capitol Steps cast said they would never have received that kind of service where they come from. They were so grateful and gracious with all that was going on "back stage" before and during the first act of the show. Thank you Era Alaska for your valiant efforts, and Grant Aviation for working with Era. And thank you to all of the sponsors and volunteers that give so much to support the quality of life we have in Homer.

Gail Edgerly, director

Homer Council on the Arts