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Story last updated at 11:50 AM on Friday, January 25, 2013

Police charge third person in Grog Shop robbery

Homer Police this week charged a third person in the Dec. 17 armed robbery of the Grog Shop. James Mumey, 49, was arrested for first-degree robbery and is now at Wildwood Pretrial Facility, Kenai. Police said that Mumey provided the silver handgun that his older brother, John Mumey, 50, is alleged to have used in robbing the Pioneer Avenue liquor store.

John Mumey and Terry Lashley-Elliot, 32, also have been charged with first-degree robbery. Police allege that Lashley-Elliot drove John Mumey to the Heritage Hotel several blocks west of the Grog Shop and later picked him up after the robbery. James Mumey was staying at the Heritage Hotel on Dec. 17 and was arrested on Dec. 18 for fourth-degree assault.

In a criminal complaint and affidavit filed Jan. 21, Homer Police Sgt. Lary Kuhns wrote that on Dec. 20 a confidential informant said that on the night of the robbery John Mumey and Lashley-Elliot met James Mumey at the Heritage Hotel and that James gave John a handgun. The informant had earlier given police information about the Grog Shop robbery that led to the arrest of John Mumey and Lashley-Elliot.

The informant said before the robbery John Mumey had tried to pawn a .22-caliber silver Jennings brand semi-automatic pistol. Police interviewed the pawn shop owner, who said he refused to take the handgun because he felt it was a "Saturday Night special," a cheap, poor quality handgun.

Police also said the informant came into possession of a brown leather coat the informant said belonged to James Mumey. Kuhns got the coat from the informant and found four .22-caliber bullets in a pocket, Kuhns wrote in his affidavit.

The Grog Shop was robbed about 10:30 p.m. Dec. 17 when a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and dark sunglasses pointed a silver semi-automatic handgun at the clerk. The clerk gave the robber the cash register drawer. The robber also grabbed a 12-pack of Alaska White beer and then fled out the back door and south side of the building.

Kuhns wrote in an affidavit for the Lashley-Elliot and James Mumey charges that the robber apparently slipped on an icy hill and dropped the cash drawer, a blue bag, a leather belt, a bottle of Alaska White beer and what appeared to be an improvised explosive device of a plastic bottle with screws, shotgun pellets and a fuse protruding from the top. A small amount of cash was stolen. Police said Lashley-Elliot told them John Mumey gave her $293, allegedly from the robbery, and they used it to buy heroin, methamphetamine and liquor.

In an affidavit for Lashley-Elliot's charge, Kuhns said she told police she got rid of John Mumey's clothing and the handgun at a friend's house near Homer. Police later served a search warrant and recovered clothing alleged to have been worn in the robbery, a .22-caliber Jennings handgun and components similar to those used in the IED.

No charges have been made related to the IED found near the Grog Shop, said Homer Police Lt. Randy Rosencrans.

A preliminary hearing for John Mumey and Lashley-Elliot was continued to Feb. 1. James Mumey was arraigned on Jan. 23. A preliminary hearing for him has been set for Feb. 12.

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