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Story last updated at 4:56 PM on Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rope tow off limits to snowmachines

The Kachemak Ski Club (not to be confused with the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club) is an all-volunteer group that runs the Ohlson Mountain rope tow every Sunday when conditions allow.

Recently, several people riding snow machines parked up at the operator's hut at the top of the Rope Tow, went into the hut, and left the door open — which caused the recent blizzard to blow into the operator's hut.

Then, sometime after that, people on snowmachines tracked up the majority of the ski hill. It was a fresh powder day, and crisscrossing snowmachine trails, setting up hard in the middle of the powder, created a lasting danger for skiers and snowboarders.

Our volunteers work hard to maintain our facility so kids, teens and families can enjoy downhill skiing and snowboarding. If you're accessing the backcountry by snowmachine, please be advised the Ohlson Mountain rope tow is private property which is off limits to snowmachines, except for those operated by ski club members and volunteers. There's miles and miles of beautiful country where you can ride a snowmachine; please stay off our ski area. Thank you.

Nell Gustafson, secretary,

Kachemak Ski Club