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Story last updated at 4:58 PM on Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We can't trust politicians

Here are strong words of my opinion concerning popular politicians. Obama is a front man, a puppet for the real ruling elite, brought on the scene by the likes of Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski, surrounded by Goldman Sachs and Wall Street. Who could have seen it coming? He seems like such an honest sort.

But how many even today know about CIA importation of cocaine into Mena while Clinton was governor of Arkansas, the 50 or more murder/suicides too close to him to all be deemed coincidence, his affairs with Jen Flowers, etc.

Mitt is totally establishment; if he was a serial killer you'd never know, because the media is so controlled. Yes, it's bad folks. Gingrich is NWO all the way, too. A vote for the above is a vote for worse than more of the same politics as usual.

Lisa Murkowski methinks got in by voter fraud. Begich, whom I hoped I'd like, voted yes on NDAA also, so he too has got to go. At least Joe Miller wouldn't favor NDAA or SOPA.

Our Alaskan legislators need to learn how to tell oil company lobbyists, who incessantly apply pressure to reduce oil tax on themselves, to give it up.

Everyone had better hope Ron Paul keeps in the race to the end just to keep his issues on the table.

Can anyone else foresee an uprising that would make Occupy Wall Street look small? I love the independent and defiant natures of so many Alaskans. Maybe we aren't getting enough fluoride in our water.

Richard Olson