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Story last updated at 4:21 PM on Wednesday, January 18, 2012

World works in mysterious ways

Not to beat a dead horse, but as someone who fashions himself as a natural born anthropologist, I'm having myself a field day watching the goings on of today's political world. I just wish I had a snapshot of what Justice Alito (at heart a political hack if there ever was one) is lip-syncing to himself these days watching the Super PAC world unfold he helped unleash. Especially, that is, with that Super PAC Man, Steve Colbert, yielding his super PAC to Jon Stewart to ride off on his unicorn to join the Republican presidential fray in South Carolina.

Remember how Alito lip synced "not true" when President Obama upbraided the Supreme Court's Citizens United Decision at his State of the Union Address in January of 2010. I hope Alito is, at least, lip syncing today "it's true" that Citizens United was a bad decision. But who knows.

Certainly I hope he caught John Stewart's super PAC's television spot describe that if corporations are people then Mitt Romney is a serial killer, while, afterwards, candidate Steve Colbert disclaims control over the ad, calling John Stewart a loose cannon.

Anthropologically, it doesn't get richer than that.

Anyway, the next Super PAC bounce I'd like to see is for Warren Buffet to step in with his own Super PAC ready to spend billions on the behalf of Buddy Romer's presidential cause to take money out of politics.

That'd certainly make for a case, rather a PAC, of cosmic irony.

Barring that happening, for the sake of the Supreme Court, I'll have to go with Obama, again, for president. Maybe with the great efforts of the American people we can lean him harder into the light. Thus, Occupiers of Homer keep up your good work, and people of Wisconsin my hopes and prayers are with you that by the end of the week Gov. Scott Walker will be facing a recall election. Anthropologically speaking, that would be right up there with "the shot heard around the world." "Truth Justice and the American Way" are on a most interesting march. Don't lose hope; keep the fire in the eyes. The world works in mighty mysterious ways.

Tim O'Leary