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Story last updated at 3:58 PM on Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Alderfer Group earns customer service certification

By Michael Armstrong
Staff Writer

The Alderfer Group is the first Alaska real estate firm to be named a Quality Service Certified brokerage, with all its agents receiving certification, owner Philip Alderfer announced this week.

"The Alderfer Group has joined the growing number of real estate professionals in North America who are committing to the delivery of a defined service process and a higher standard of accountability in service delivery and customer satisfaction," said Larry D. Romito, president and CEO of Quality Service Certification Inc., a San Juan Capistrano, Calif., firm providing service quality delivery, customer satisfaction and measurable quality control.

Quality Service Certification establishes a measurable standard of care and service to evaluate customer satisfaction, Romito said.

"Holding the Quality Service Certified designation requires that our Realtors follow a well-defined and prescribed process of service, to present that process in writing to every customer, and to guarantee its delivery," Alderfer said. "I am especially proud that a small firm located at the end of the road is leading the way in this regard."

As part of receiving and maintaining Quality Service Certified status, home buyers and sellers are contacted by an independent research company after the closing of property purchases and sales. Customers receive a quality assurance survey asking questions about the service provided by the sales agent and broker.

Results are then made available to the public for review at the Quality Service Certification website at www.qualityservice.org. Search for Alaska Realtors to see the seven Alderfer Group agents and their ratings. New agents have not yet been rated, but of the Realtors rated, all have scores of 4.7 or better on a 1 to 5 scale, with 5 being highest.

"Sales associates and brokers are highly motivated to protect their Quality Service Certified status by delivering better service satisfaction, more service value and higher accountability," Romito said. "The QSC system offers a predictable, accountable, reliable, and consistent service outcome."

Alderfer said the Quality Service Certified system helps his agents offer better service by giving them independently validated information and customer comments.

"That information motivates us, and helps consumers make better decisions and better choices in selecting their real estate professional," he said.

Realtors with The Alderfer Group receive Quality Service Certified training and certification. Customers are asked to return the surveys by an independent group. The average survey return rate is about 35 percent, Alderfer said, but his Realtors have had about a 50 percent return rate.

"That tells me our team is talking about it, our clients are aware of it, and not only are they are aware of it, they're responding," Alderfer said.

Philip Alderfer is the broker and owner of The Alderfer Group. He is a second-generation Realtor and has worked in the real estate and financial industries since 1996. He started The Alderfer Group in 2001. It now has seven full-time Realtors, with annual sales of more than $20 million and an average 32 percent local market share, Alderfer said. The business address is 925 Sea Plane Court on Beluga Lake off Ocean Drive. For more information, call 235-5232 or visit www.alderfergroup.com.

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