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Story last updated at 6:48 PM on Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Floyd A. Hutton

March 8, 1951- Jan. 5, 2011


Floyd A. Hutton

Floyd A. Hutton died Jan. 5, 2011, in Homer, at age 59. He was born March 8, 1951, and raised in upstate New York. He grew up hunting and fishing with his father and these skills became a focus in his life. After graduating from high school he served two years in the U.S. Navy in Texas. He hitchhiked to Alaska in 1975 to hunt and fish with a buddy who had moved here. He fell in love with Alaska and stayed on. He lived and worked on a dairy farm in the Wasilla area for two years, then moved to the Kenai Peninsula. He commercial fished for many years beginning in the crab heydays of Kachemak Bay. Floyd also seined and longlined from Southeast Alaska to Togiak. In the late 1990s Floyd ran a charter boat out of Valdez for a few years and then was an Able Bodied Seaman aboard tugboats for the rest of his working career.

Floyd lived in the Stariski area for almost 30 years before moving to Homer to be with Annie. He spent any spare moment hunting, fishing or talking, and planning about hunting and fishing. He loved to take people fishing, especially for their first time. His skiff usually had family, friends, or family of friends aboard when he left the beach. Floyd was a high-integrity outdoorsman, frequently assisting his companions to remember the rules and to take game in a respectful manner. Floyd was rarely in a hurry to get somewhere else, or when telling a tale.

A legendary storyteller, Floyd's stories were usually fact-based, but it was always hard to tell where the facts ended and "creative interpretation" began. He enjoyed making people laugh, and his quick wit and expansive imagination assured success almost continuously. Every new friend was an opportunity for Floyd to practice his unique brand of leg-pulling. Although he never perfected a poker face, he could lead anyone a long way down the garden path before the light came on that they were being tested on the gullibility scale. He loved to help people, friends or strangers alike. His lifestyle embodied generosity and compassion. A huge network of friends will dearly miss Floyd. His life touched many and improved most in the connection.

Floyd was diagnosed with liver cancer in March of 2010. During these last 9 months he visited family, had a few fishing adventures, moose and caribou hunted with friends and cooked many memorable gourmet meals.

Floyd is survived by his wife, Annie Cooper of Homer; his mother, Joyce Gear of Perry, Fla.; brother, John Hutton of Liberty Falls, Idaho; dog, 2my; and many nieces and nephews; and friends.

A celebration of Floyd's life will be held on the Anchor River Feb. 5, about 4 p.m. From the Anchor River/Beach, road signs will direct to the outdoor location. If you have a Floyd story you would like to share with Annie, please call her at 235-6813.