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Story last updated at 6:49 PM on Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Does violent language perpetuate incidents like the one in Tuscon?

The shooting in Tuscon last week begs a question we should be asking ourselves as a nation: Is it acceptable to use gunsight imagery over the name of our representatives, even rhetorically, to accomplish our political goals?

Is it acceptable to use the terms "reload" and "bull's-eye" when referring to our political agendas? In these violent times is it the right thing to do? Does it not perpetuate hate?

The political affiliation of Jared Loughner is irrelevant. Did Jared Loughner ever see the gunsight map? We will most likely never know for sure. But we can be sure of one thing. If the Palin camp had never published it, no one would have ever seen it. How many other mentally unstable people out there have seen it?

The people defending her irresponsible behavior now are only doing so for their own political gain. If we defend Sarah Palin and try to justify or minimize this, we are saying that this violent attitude is acceptable.

What does that say about us as a nation? As a society? Don't enough people hate us already without us hating ourselves? We should surely hope and pray we are better than this.

Wayne Watson