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Story last updated at 6:48 PM on Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Being a Big Sister brings great satisfaction

I became a Big Sister through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in order to complete my required senior project, a selfish reason, I admit. It has been a year and a half since then, and I have long since completed the requirements for my service project. Being a Big Sister is now something I do because of the satisfaction it brings being a mentor. I have worked with a young girl and seeing her eyes light up when I walk in the door makes sacrificing just one hour a week more than worth it.

I have learned numerous things from the work I have done with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and I know that because of this work I will follow my lifelong dream of working in the medical field. It is all about caring for your patients while doing your best work to complete the job. Whether it is in an elementary school with my Little or in the medical field I want to help others and provide them with the opportunities I have had to better both themselves as well as their communities. I hope that after this year when I move on to college others step up and fill the vacancy I leave in the program. Big Brothers Big Sisters needs mentors and they need you.

Marissa Paul