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Story last updated at 6:48 PM on Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Applause for all involved in event

A great music event needs not only the talent and energy of the performers (and Joe DeCino, Dan McCallum and Emily Kizzia and the three Anchorage musicians who joined them onstage had talent aplenty), but also a great production crew. Joe DeCino's Funktet at Alice's on Dec. 30 would not have been possible without the tremendous commitment to youth mentorship and the professional performance experience of Cherish McCallum.

We deeply appreciate her efforts to cultivate young artists' professional performances. Joe DeCino's Funktet played to a sold-out show. The popularity of the event reinforces the importance of presenting live music that includes the older teen to 20 crowd and family audiences.

We thank Cindy of Alice's for opening the venue to include us all. Everyone had a great time. We also thank the community of Homer for showing such great support and the awesome parents behind the musicians especially Bob DeCino, who knows that being present to support your kid's artistic passion is the most important thing a parent can do. It was a great pleasure to work with fresh and fired up artistic talent of Homer musicians Joe DeCino, Emily Kizzia and Dan McCallum.

We look forward to more jazz education and performance opportunities for all ages again soon.

Asia Freeman and Adele Groning

Bunnell Street Arts Center Staff