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Story last updated at 5:44 PM on Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Surf Alaska owner crosses bay on stand up paddleboard


Scott Dickerson

Alaskan waterman, Scott Dickerson, makes the first stand up paddleboard crossing of Kachemak Bay, near Homer, Alaska.

Local surf and stand up paddling enthusiast Scott Dickerson took advantage of the fair weather in Homer on Sunday by paddling his stand up paddleboard 3.5 miles across Kachemak Bay.

Departing from the Homer Harbor, Dickerson made the crossing in a little more than an hour landing on the beach outside of China Poot Bay in Kachemak Bay State Park.

Dickerson owns Surf Alaska, a surfing and stand up paddling company which, in 2010, began introducing the sport to Alaskans through free demo events around the state.

"The sport has stirred considerable interest in Alaska, especially when the Anchorage Daily News and Channel 2 News featured Surf Alaska and friends riding the Turnagain Arm boretide for upwards of five miles on their standup boards," according to a press release from Dickerson.

The sport of stand up paddling, also known a SUP, is quickly gaining popularity worldwide. Originating from warmer climates such as Hawaii and California, the sport is spreading to practically every available body of water including inland lakes and rivers.

The paddler stands atop a specially designed oversized surf board and propels himself with a paddle that resembles a canoe paddle but with a longer shaft.

The stand up boards are enjoyed both in surfing waves as well as flatwater touring, according to the press release.