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Story last updated at 3:39 PM on Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Homer's compassion appreciated

I would like to share some heartfelt words of appreciation to the community of Homer for Doug Schwiesow. In his last few years Doug dealt with ALS, a degenerative neuromuscular disease. Doug remained active and vibrant in our community up to the last minute, thanks to countless friends that offered their time to help him in so many ways. That combined with some very kind and skilled caregivers he continued to live large.

He also had assistance from two local agencies, Hospice of Homer and the Independent Living Center. Both of these local nonprofits helped Doug adapt to changes he was facing. They offered him free equipment from their loan closets as well as being a huge support for advice, compassion and helpful information. He constantly borrowed equipment, tried it out and often changed and improved it to his needs and for others to use later.

The outflow of support for Doug when he needed it most is a reflection of Doug's connection to the community as well as our community itself. The Independent Living Center and Hospice of Homer, with their compassionate and positive staff, help so many every day. Hopefully you may never need these groups in your life, but at some point a friend, family member, neighbor or even you may need assistance. These organizations reflect us and the strength of the Homer community. I urge you to support them in your own way and be glad that they are here in our town.

Thank you, Homer.

Lisa Krebs