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Story last updated at 4:28 PM on Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Loving care received

Through an interesting set of circumstances I (Leander) recently had occasion to spend a month as a resident of the Long Term Care facility which is a part of South Peninsula Hospital.

Nothing I had experienced in life had prepared me for this month. I think it would be a very healthy exercise for all of us to spend a month in the loving care of this facility. For one thing, the view of Kachemak Bay is outstanding.

That, however, is not what this letter is about. I had opportunity to observe the some 50 staff under the direction of Susan Shover in practical action, where the rubber meets the road — and I was impressed. The residents get quality care with love thrown in for good measure. The staff work in this facility by their own volition — and it tells.

Breakfast is served almost "as you like it." Once a month the staff, not the culinary staff, cook breakfast for the residents. You can order eggs, cooked any style, with bacon, hot cakes and sausage or bacon, porridge or cereal. Also, once a month they have a candlelight banquet to which you can invite family members.

We had a whole month to observe them and we were deeply impressed with the loving care that is manifested here.

Homer has much to be proud of in its long term care facility.

Leander and Louise Rempel