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Story last updated at 6:02 PM on Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My official time as a "Big" mentoring the same young person is scheduled to end in March when my "Little," Justice, turns 18. He is a senior at Homer High School with plans to attend college after he graduates in May. Thinking back over our eight plus years hanging out together, I considered what difference my involvement had made in his life.

I wanted to be for him a dependable, trusted adult who encouraged him to learn and do well at school, would teach him new skills, introduce him to activities and experiences he may not have had the chance to try, and would share things that I do that are probably out of the ordinary. I wanted to open doors to new ideas, activities, books, reading, sports, the outdoors, good food choices, animals, music, drama, and choices he could make that would expose him to new avenues of learning and doing. Mentoring is about sharing, guiding, talking, thinking, being involved in community, and being a good role model.

When we are officially graduated out of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program in March, that will not really change anything because we became friends quite a while ago. I expect to be his friend for a long time, and I am sure he feels the same. I know I have made a difference for him. He has told me. That really is all the thanks I need, to know that I really did make a difference in a young person's life. You can do the same by volunteering to be a Big in Homer's local Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

Big Sister Nina Faust