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The Homer Storytellers will meet from 3-5 p.m. Saturday in the Library Conference Room, to share and listen to stories about how a social or political event impacted lives personally.

Balsamic vinegar adds sweet, tangy flavors

Traditional balsamic vinegars are made from a pure and unfermented reduced grape must and aged for several years in a series of wooden barrels. Balsamic’s flavor is deeply sweet and tangy with a thick viscosity and boasts variations of rich brown to dark, inky purple colors. Produced exclusively in either the province of Modena or the wider Emilia region of Italy, it is magical and mysterious must-have vinegar staple in my pantry.

Pride Month recognition causes controversy in Homer

Right after Call to Order, the Pledge of Allegiance and Agenda Approval on the Homer City Council agenda comes the item of “Mayoral Proclamations and Recognitions” — a time to honor new firefighters, medics and police officers, winning sports teams and distinguished citizens, and support causes like breast cancer or domestic violence awareness. On Monday, a proposed mayoral recognition ballooned into controversy that caused the meeting to be canceled for lack of a quorum.

Town Crier

The Anchor Point Fire &Emergency Medical Service Area Board will hold its next board meeting at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday June 20 at the Anchor Point Fire Station, 72440 Milo Fritz Ave. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend. For more information, call 235-6700.

Reeling ‘Em In: asdf

Wow, because of a weak run of kings and just after our last fishing report hit the stands, the angling doors slammed shut on the Anchor, Deep and Ninilchik streams tighter than a nudist’s keister glissading down a snow chute. Plus, a sport fishing regulation restriction was issued pertaining to chinook fishing (including catch-and-release) in marine waters within 1-mile of shore from Bluff Point to the Ninilchik River. Mega ouch, but it had to be done.

Return to an arboreal life, for a night

Cooking over the mystic cookfire, the ancients watched flames, their form of entertainment. At nighttime, in a wilderness like Kachemak Bay State Park, the stillness combined with the piercing calls and hoots and splashes of its creatures creates a sort of kinship, a wild awakening. This is bear and blueberry country, salmon and owl country.


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