Youth Theatre camps to share with community

Not only does Pier One entertain Homer with quality plays, but it also provides youth with the opportunity to learn about acting with hands on experience through youth theatre camps.

Jennifer Norton, along with many other members of the Pier One community, firmly believes in the benefits of theatre camp.

“It’s just such a wonderful opportunity, getting kids used to speaking in public,” said Norton, also adding spontaneity and helping kids get used to new situations as benefits of theatre camps.

Pier One Theatre opens on a high note

Every season, Pier One Theatre brightens the Spit with its lively performances, but more than that, it brightens the whole community with its passion for the arts. With productions for any taste — comedy, drama, musicals and more — there is something for everyone. The standard holds true for this season as well.

Pier One kicked off its season on June 14, with a performance by Johnny B, which will occur every other Tuesday through Sept. 20.

Report examines five-year outlook for peninsula economy

The Kenai Peninsula’s relatively diverse economy has some room to grow in the next few years, accommodating for lower oil prices and production as well as an aging population.

The most recent Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, compiled by the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District, reviews some demographic and employment statistics while proposing broad goals for the next five years. The plan will be updated every year but provides a broad framework for the future of the economy, said Rick Roeske, the KPEDD’s executive director.

Producers and co-producers: a sympiotic relationship

Even on a rainy day like last Saturday, the Homer Farmers Market is packed. It is filled with what are known as “co-producers.”

To understand what a co-producer is, we need to think about producers. They are the dedicated individuals who show up every week and stand in their booth (smiling or grumbling, depending on personality) chatting with Market patrons. They have been planning all week for this day, scheduling out harvest times and sequential plantings, noting quantities and quality of the different varieties of veggies they will be bringing.

'Keen Kow' invites diners to 'eat Thai food'

Ninilchik may be small in size, but not flavor. The most recent offering attracting hungry residents, visitors and Sterling Highway travelers is Keen Kow Thai Food.

No puzzle about the restaurant’s name. Translated, it means, “Eat Thai food.” That encouragement is underscored by the tantalizing aroma welcoming diners and hinting at chef Nina Oliver’s skill when it comes to combining herbs. Oliver and her husband, Rick, are owners of Keen Kow.

Answers to your questions about the Permanent Fund bill

The Alaska Legislature is moving quickly to address a bill that would divert a portion of the Alaska Permanent Fund to pay for the state’s annual expenses, but judging by the emails and calls reaching legislative offices this week, Alaskans still have a lot of questions.

Here’s some answers to some of the most common questions we’ve heard in the Bill Ray Center this week about Senate Bill 128:


Why do we need this bill?


Dee Dahman, a sleep specialist, is this month’s speaker for the Parkinson’s Support Group. The group meets at 1 p.m. Friday at the Homer Senior Center. For more information, call Daniel Weisser at 235-4555.

Arts in full swing
for June

In this quaint little art town with a fishing problem, as sure as the king salmon return to the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon and the lupine bloom along the Spit Trail, come June, the arts scene blossoms. This weekend will see not just the usual gallery openings for First Friday, but the opening of the first Pier One Theatre local production (see story, page 22) and the Pratt Museum’s summer show.

What with graduation, climate change and the state budget, there’s been a lot of talk about the future. OK, make it The Future, kind of like Detroit, a place we might want to visit someday, except shinier and with jetpacks. At graduation ceremonies, you heard a lot of talk about where we go next. That would be The Future, kids.

Meanwhile, the Alaska Legislature has been making its own future by dragging out the present as it goes into double-triple overtime trying to pass a budget.

Feeding frenzies of seabirds signal some good fishing

Before we get rolling, I’d like to take a step back to last Thursday when I took a shot at those
anglers that wale away at kings using dork enabled, 2-fer-1, $9.99 Cosmos Combo Caster Specials while fishing the Spit’s lagoon.

I still think they come across as having the intellect of dried squid because of the commotion they cause in a limited space.

Best Bets

If you’re like the Betster, you might have been putting in some extra hours lately. Hey, it’s summer, and you know summer. The daylight hours get longer and somehow so does the work. The garden needs planting, stuff needs painting and the punch list grows longer. Plus, it’s tourist and fishing season, when we power up our big economic engines. Someone has to pull lattes and cut bait. Yeah, that would be you.

Arts in brief

Artist offers workshop

Artist Faith Revell offers a workshop for young adult and adult artists from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday at the Pratt Musuem. Revell’s show, “Bird Dance,” also is now on exhibit. The workshop fee is $30. Space is limited; contact the Pratt at 235‐8635 to reserve a space.

Campers hold concerts

Students and staff of the Homer Council on the Arts bluegrass and rock/pop camps hold concerts next week. All tickets are $5 youth, $10 Homer Council on the Arts members and $15 general admission. Upcoming concerts are:

Dinner in the Street auction items



Melissa Gagnon and Jason Cameron


Dinner in the Street Banner by Desiree Hagen


by Lisa Wood Beck and Ahna Iredale


Jessie Toubman and Jahnie Triplett


by Ann-Margret Wimmerstedt


by Howlin’ Whales: Gus Beck, Max Doyle, Oceana Wills, Jazz Multz, Knut Tonga, Kelsey Hardy and James Howe


printed by Mandy Bernard,


by Ann-Margret Wimmerstedt, Linda Skelton, Kathy Smith, Kari Multz and Abigail Kokai


Dinner in the Street dazzles

Dinner in the Street returns to Homer this Sunday with an evening of food, family and fun. Old Town will come alive with friends, artists, and the cooking of some of Homer’s finest restaurants.

Hosted by the Bunnell Street Arts Center, Dinner in the Street will be a four-course helping of culture and socializing. The festivities will begin at 4 p.m. with music by the Howlin’ Whales and a silent auction in the Bunnell Street Arts Center. Parking will be available at the Homer Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center or the Islands and Ocean Visitor Center.

Jury finds Green guilty of murder 2

Second-degree murder: guilty.

Tampering with physical evidence: guilty.

Self-defense: not proved.

After three days of deliberation, a Homer jury last Thursday afternoon delivered those verdicts for Demarqus Green, 23, of Anchorage. Green, the jury concluded, could not claim self defense in the July 7, 2012, killing of Demian Sagerser, then 40.

The jury found Green not guilty on the most serious charge, first-degree murder, and also not guilty on a charge of first-degree robbery.

Think of your fellow anglers when fishing at Lagoon

I received a minor flood of email after last week’s initial report and most of them centered on the king return at the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon.

There were complaints about anglers who couldn’t tell the difference between a real fishing rod and a 2-fer-1, Wal-Mart, $9.99 Cosmos Combo Caster special that couldn’t control a mortally wounded mini stickleback much less a highly aggravated king.

Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week

Pretty Pia is plenty perky and purrs, purrs, purrs. This 8-month-old, shorthaired black ingenue is playful, loving and ready for a home. Pia would do best as an only cat.

To adopt a pet, call or stop by the animal shelter across from the city’s Public Works Department off the Sterling Highway. The shelter is open from noon-5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. For more information, call 235-3141.


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