Voter registration deadline nears

July 17 is the deadline to register to vote or update voter registration for the Aug. 16 primary election. To register or update registration, visit the Homer City Clerk’s Office or the Division of Motor Vehicles office. Forms also are available at the the Kenai Peninsula Borough Annex. Register or update registration online at To vote in the Republican Party primary, voters must be registered as Republicans, nonpartisan or undeclared.

Kayakers rescued in bay

Two fishermen about 9 p.m. Tuesday rescued a San Diego couple who misjudged the tide while in sit-on-top kayaks. Dave Seaman in the Adelante, fishing with Don Pitcher, picked up the husband and wife and got them and their kayaks safely to the harbor.

Personal decisions define first book

Homer writer McKibben Jackinsky’s first book, “Too Close to Home? Living with ‘drill baby’ on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula” tells the story of recent oil and gas development on the southern peninsula through the voices of property owners who have been affected by that development.

Because Jackinsky is one of those property owners, it is also her story and her family’s story.

Hospital celebrates 60 years

The hospital at the end of the road: SPH celebrates 60 years of patient care

Over the last 60 years, Homer’s South Peninsula Hospital has transformed from a little hospital at the end of the road that had trouble attracting doctors, to a modern facility with a staff of 400 employees.

This year, as it celebrates these past six decades with an anniversary party on Saturday, July 9, the hospital continues to look toward the future and what it means to be a health-care facility on par with hospitals in major cities.

Silvers have yet to make appearance

I did a bit of scouting over the holiday weekend in hopes of spotting a silver or two hurtling out of the sea around the Spit. Nada.

Why? Because I have received numerous inquiries as to when I think the first coho will make their summer debut at The Fishing Hole.

So, at the moment, how can I put this delicately? I don’t have a ^%$#*&@ clue.

I’m a bit more cautious now about throwing out pompous prognostications after what happened a few years ago.

Bear injures woman on Kenai refuge trail

Bear injures woman on Kenai refuge trail

A woman hiking alone Sunday on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge’s Lower Kenai River trail was bitten on the upper leg by a brown bear.

The woman was hiking with her two dogs when she saw the bear about 20 feet ahead of her in a riverside area of tall grass. She retreated and fell, “and the bear was upon her immediately,” according to a refuge press release.

Washington state woman takes lead derby spot

Alisa Sands of Lake Stevens, Wash. snatched up the title of derby leader when she caught a 165-pound halibut on July 5. Sands caught the whopper of a fish while fishing with Captain David Bayes on the Grand Aleutian with Central Charters.

Previously, the derby leader was Marcella Kolberg of Palmer, who caught a 142.4-pound halibut on May 29.

Other than Sands’ big catch, the derby waters have been fairly quiet, with only two new fish brought in in the last couple weeks.

Carmen Field honored for conservation work

A longtime environmental educator who taught everyone from children to seniors, and everywhere from outdoors to the classroom, has been honored with the Alaska Conservation Foundation’s Jerry Dixon Award for Excellence in Environmental Education.

Carmen Field, 53, who died May 31, 2016, received word the day before she died that she would get the award. Her husband, Conrad Field, and daughter, Eryn Field, will receive the $1,000 award on her behalf at a ceremony in late September.

Fire severely damages Fireweed Avenue home

Fire severely damages Fireweed Avenue home

An early evening fire last Saturday severely damaged a Fireweed Avenue off East Hill Road. According to Homer Volunteer Fire Department Chief Robert Painter, HVFD received a page about 7:30 p.m. July 2. When firefighters responded the fire was fully involved, with fire that had spread to much of the 7,000-square-foot home. Twelve HVFD firefighters and medics responded. No one was injured, Painter said.

Don't tax Alaska's children

Don’t tax Alaska’s children

Gov. Walker is trying to take candy from babies. He has decided to tax (and it is a tax) every child 52 percent of what is likely their only income, their permanent fund dividend. He didn’t cut the state budget, salaries or staff by 52 percent. He’s not taxing working adults or oil companies 52 percent. Consequently, those workers who live out of state will pay zero state taxes, Alaska citizens who earn $100,000 will pay only 1 percent while our children will pay 52 percent.

UK says enough of big government

UK says enough of big government

The British people, sick of big government nonsense, finally had the guts to stand up and say “enough is enough!” When will the good people of Alaska say the same thing about our state and local practice of “government of the government, by the government and for the government?” Will we have the guts to finally stand up?

On a related side note, if Gov. Bill Walker vetoes the permanent fund dividend payment will he become the most hated one-term governor in the history of Alaska?

Mike McBride

North Kenai

Volunteer efforts benefit library

Volunteer efforts benefit library

The Friends of the Homer Library and the Homer Public Library would like to thank Ben Gibson, Ken Castner and Phil Gordon for replacing a cedar post in the fish wall outside of the library. Phil Gordon generously donated the replacement log, and all three worked together to install it.

More scholarship thanks

More scholarship thanks

I would like to thank the Homer Marine Trades Association for awarding me a scholarship for the refrigeration program at AVTEC in Seward. I appreciate all the local support from our community.

Luka Schulz

Parade should celebrate freedom

Parade should celebrate freedom

The Homer Chamber of Commerce denied the Fourth of July parade entry application submitted as “Hunters Against Assault Weapons.” The proposed entry was deemed too controversial, too political and inconsistent with parade themes of patriotism, our history and present culture. The chamber director said that our message was inappropriate for a family-oriented parade and that it would be better suited for a letter to the editor. So here goes:

Celebrate SPH's 60th anniversary

Celebrate SPH’s 60th anniversary

It was 60 years ago in July that Homer opened the doors on the first hospital, providing two hospital beds, a place for visiting doctors, and the public health clinic. Residents worked hard to create the hospital 60 years ago, and decades have passed with continued support and commitment to the evolution and expansion of hospital services.

Murals: art or mess?

Murals: art or mess?

Last winter while I was artist-in-residence in St. Petersburg, I visited the Hermitage Museum almost daily. That museum’s collection, one of the wold’s greatest, spans the entire history of art from the Paleolithic to the present, and includes masterpieces from all cultures by artists both famous and anonymous.

In the presence of great art the conditions that determine aesthetic value clarify themselves to the thoughtful observer. There are formal consideration, those of excellence in line, color, shape, design, and composition.

Pier One Theatre: the Force rocks

Pier One Theatre: the Force rocks

Pier One Theatre would like to extend a big thank you to the cast, crew and audience who came out for our June Membership Weekend: the reading of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher and improv theatre by Fresh Produce. We acquired 27 new or renewing members, the most ever in one weekend, and a good start on purchasing a new sound system. Community is our foundation and the Force is strong with this one!

Jennifer Norton, artistic director
Pier One Theatre


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