Spit Run photos

1. Eight-year-old Gigi Leonetti and 11-year-old Brooke Shafer race each other to the finish line of the Spit Run 10K.

10. By the time they ran along Beluga Lake, these four runners had clearly established the lead in the Spit Run 10K, and they were the top four finishers overall. Finishing first was Jake Moe (807), followed by Will Guzick (823), Cody Priest (number obscured) and Jacob Davis (747).

13. Lauren Hansen completes the final turn and heads for the finish line of the Spit Run 10K. Hansen won the women’s division.

6. Frederick Dickerson (209) edges out Matthew Byrd in a sprint between friends at the finish of the Cosmic Hamlet half-marathon June 24.

10. Christopher Walker, who took the lead early in the Cosmic Hamlet half-marathon and never relinquished it, cruises to victory.

12. Seth I’Nama (left) and Lauren Kuhns, running here along the Spit Trail, completed the entire Cosmic Hamlet half-marathon together and crossed the finish line holding hands. I’Nama finished second in the men’s division, while Kuhns was the first women’s finisher.


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