Community helps those in need

What a show of support we received from our amazing community for the Homer Community Food Pantry’s Fourth Annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser. Since 500-600-plus cans of food go out the door weekly, the donations received will give us a much needed boost in the arm to help purchase food in the coming months.

This whole event could not happen without the many, many wonderful folks who helped.

Is Seaton a ‘tricker’ or a ‘treater’?

As many of you already know, late last week Rep. Paul Seaton joined a coalition of 17 Democrats, two Independents and three Republicans to form a majority in the House of Representatives. In order to offer an important perspective on the question in the title, I’m going to open the discussion with part of a letter from Sandy Greiner that I cut from the Kalona (Iowa) News in 2008. In the past Sandy has been elected to both the Iowa House and Senate from the 45th District, near where I was born and raised.

Sandy writes:

“Dear Friends,

There’s a big difference between conservatives, today’s protesters

The headline of the Anchorage newspaper, Thursday, Nov. 10: “Trump’s victory is met with shock across a wide political divide.” Not exactly sure to whom they were referring though.

These words are followed by some reference to riots and so-called protests by what can only be described by a bunch of whiney little cry babies.

World is watching; let’s not let the planet down

Dear America,

The whole world is watching us — now more than ever. And our children are watching us.

I hope and pray that in the next four years — no matter what your stand, your religion, your political party, your race, your gender, your preferences, your status —

That you choose kindness over righteousness,

build bridges instead of walls,

value dignity and respect over bullying and intimidation,

Why Alaska should keep Murkowski in U.S. Senate

As a fisherman, small businessman, and father, I want to thank Sen. Lisa Murkowski for all she has done for our great state and its residents. I think the fact that she was born in Alaska has given her the insights to know what we need to succeed. She has spent her entire career working for the best interest of Alaskans and has fought to keep our fisheries healthy and sustainable and our small business competitive.

Letters to the Editor 20161110

Election reminds Americans
of the power of the people

District 31 Republicans congratulate all candidates who participated in this election cycle, in particular Sen. Gary Stevens and Rep. Paul Seaton for their respective victories. We thank them for their continued service to our communities.

While disappointing to some, this election reminds us of the power we, the people, have to change our government. Today we celebrate our freedoms, our democracy, and the high honor we have to exercise wisely this trust for all generations to come.

Letters to the Editor

Restless sea in Republican ranks

Because I’m not part of what’s been referred to as the, “Washington Political Establishment,” and therefore don’t understand all the undercurrent that’s been so strong in this election cycle then you may have to forgive my ignorance, if in fact that’s what it is.

Sherry Bess: tireless pet advocate

Oct. 10 was a joyous occasion at the Homer City Council. Accolades for our outgoing mayor, the swearing in of a new mayor and two new council members. Congratulations, one and all. Bryan, Shelly and Tom are my friends, and I shared in the celebrations (mmm, great cake). But somewhere in all the festivities the passing of the torch — the passing of an era — went almost unremarked and unnoticed.

More letters to the editor

Assembly needs to rethink policy

Oh my, the hypocrisy, the ignorance, the intolerance, the idiocrisy in action.

Where you say? Why your local borough assembly meetings. Come pray with us — maybe.

Please understand, you’ll need vetting.

Tom Beaudoin

Halloween One Way is back

Use your opportunity to be heard

Over the weekend, Catherine Austin Fitts, on usawatchdog.com, quoted Roger Moore as saying, “You can’t vote for Trump because that would be like throwing a Molotov cocktail into the system.”

EXACTLY! How many times in your life have you had a chance to strike a blow against a thoroughly corrupted system, perfectly legally, while you are protected by the Constitution? You may not like the candidate, but you have an opportunity to be heard, use it. Our collective futures are on the line.

Philemon Morris

VA picnic big success

The Southern Kenai Peninsula Annual Veterans Picnic was held Oct. 9. Approximately 130 people attended even though it was a cloudy/windy/wet day. The picnic was opened by the presentation of the American Flag and Pledge of Allegiance by the Junior American Legion Auxiliary members Violet and Lulu.

Beautiful music begins at Paul Banks

The Paul Banks Preludes violin program has begun. All three first grade classes are participating and have spent one week making cardboard violins and one week learning with them. After a few more weeks of learning how to use and care for a violin, the students will have a chance to have a real violin to play. Those have arrived in Homer and we now have one classroom set (24 violins).

Rink is open, ready for winter fun

The ice is in, the doors are open. Your community rink is ready for another winter of on-ice recreation.

With volunteer help and supplemental support from the Jenson, Compass Rose and Unrestricted Funds at the Homer Foundation, the Kevin Bell Arena was able to conduct rink efficiency and improvements in the off season. The Kevin Bell Arena offers figure skating, curling, broomball, hockey, public skate and is home ice to the Mariner Co-Op High School Hockey team. Check the ice calendar at kevinbellarena.org.

HEA rate payers need to be wise

I attended the recent public meeting hosted by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska to learn more about Homer Electric Association’s drive to become an unregulated monopoly. But there was only one problem — HEA failed to show up. It’s unfortunate that our public utility sees no need to answer questions from the public, their ratepayers. I also attended one of the HEA-sponsored public meetings and it was not an objective, unbiased forum; it was more like an infomercial.

Voting for lesser of two evils?

The following is my opinion and I’m stuck with it!

Letters to the Editor

Part of Skyline Drive extremely

hazardous; guard rails needed

There have been significant changes to two Kenai Peninsula roads this summer. The good news is the delightful improvement along the 31 miles of the Sterling Highway between Clam Gulch and Ninilchik. Repaving and numerous guard rails have been installed wherever the roadway is significantly higher than the land bordering it.

Flex students challengedby ‘Decolonizing’ exhibit

On behalf of Homer Flex High School, I would like to sincerely thank Bunnell Street Arts Center for their engaging work with our students. Our Social Environments classes had the opportunity to visit the exhibition “Decolonizing Alaska.” The trip was enhanced by a tour from Adele Person. Adele challenged students with insightful questions and interpretations, creating deeper meaning for attendees and providing a wonderful backdrop for the workshop which followed.

Please vote responsibly

I hope the residents of Homer give serious thought to the upcoming election. The Homer City Council, the past mayor, the former and present city managers and department of public works have all been aware of the damage to the property in the Baycrest Subdivision by the cutting of trees and the clear-cutting on the bluff done by Enstar Gas.

There’s got to be a better way

In less than one week Homer voters will be asked to spend $17 million on two public projects that too few young voters are paying attention to. A $12-million police station and $4.8 million to bail out the hospital. We expect the folks behind these projects to support them — but why should the rest of us — young people in particular?


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