Students learn from documentaries

Hello, I am a student at Homer Flex and I am writing to thank Jamie and Lynette Sutton for giving us the opportunity to watch free documentaries at the ninth annual Documentary Film Festival at the Homer Family Theater. 

All the students at Flex are thankful for the opportunity to watch the documentaries. After watching them, we wrote about how the topic of each individual documentary affects our lives. We had great discussions about the films, especially the film “Bully.” 

Basket applications available Oct. 29

Hello again. Thought an update was necessary so that everyone knew where to get the Thanksgiving basket applications and other important information. Applications this year will be at First National Bank and will be available on Oct. 29. They also will be available at the Homer Community Food Pantry that day. We are still appealing for donations of any kind — including money, time, turkeys, canned goods etc.  If you call, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ordinance would help protect salmon, the economy, future

Listening to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly meeting Oct. 9 had me standing in the kitchen in disbelief at the continued testimony of my fellow borough residents. You can argue all you want, but a red salmon is not going to change its life history to accommodate your lakefront home. Our reds, our sockeye salmon on the Kenai Peninsula, live in our lakes for the first several years of their lives. Sockeye spend approximately the first half of their life cycle rearing in lakes.

Hospice says thanks

Hospice of Homer extends a warm thank you to all the generous businesses and individuals who supported the first annual Hospice All Ages Summer Fun Run. The event was a huge success with almost 60 participants ranging in ages from 7 to 75.

Kudos to readers, plant lovers

The Friends of the Homer Library would like to thank the generous book-worms and master gardeners who donated books and plants to our 2012 Fall Book & Plant Sale, the avid readers and plant lovers who turned out to buy them, and the volunteers who helped make it all come together.

Fair blooming success

The Voznesenka School had its annual Garden Fair this September. It was a great success thanks to the commitment of our local communities.
We would like to thank the following businesses for contributing the prizes we awarded to our students: Ulmers Hardware, The Gear Shed, The Wagon Wheel, Fritz Creek General Store, Safeway, Save-U-More, Alaska Boats and Permits, and Ground Control Landscape Services. Thanks again for your support.
Michael Houghton
for the students and staff of the Voznesenka School



Planning for Thanksgiving

Here we are again less than a couple of months from Thanksgiving. It is important to start early asking for donations this year because I am afraid that we might exceed last years needs. We made 253 boxes last year and need to be prepared for the possibility of more.
If you are able to help in any form be it money or time, please contact Amy Shumaker at Homer Insurance or leave a message at 235-8761 and we will get back to you.

Buccaneer defined

1) Historically, a pirate who preyed on Spanish colonies and ships in the West Indies during the 17th and 18th centuries; currently used as a term synonymous with pirate;
2) A ruthless and/or unscrupulous speculator or adventurer, especially in politics or business;
3) A person who tries to become wealthy or powerful by doing things that are illegal or dishonest.
Rika Mouw



Some lessons arent being taught

How do you teach empathy? Instill a conscience? In this country, this state, this community one in three people have been the victim of some form of sexual abuse or sexual violence. I personally know very few in my circle of friends who have not suffered. Perpetrators receive gratification: often at the expense of women, children, the elderly or the incapacitated.
Make no mistake: Rape is a form of torture. The torturer is motivated to dominate, humiliate: to destroy his victim. He or she does so by using the most intimate acts available to humans sexual ones.

Innocent until proven guilty

I am writing this letter after I read the charges the Resetarits boys received last week. The purpose of this letter is not to condemn nor condone their actions, but to remind people that this is still America and a person is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. I would like also to request those who pray do for all the boys involved along with their parents, families and friends as they anguish in the weeks and months ahead.
Joannie Hillesheim
Murphysboro, Ill. Former resident of Homer



Student apologizes for behavior

To all of those who have supported me throughout my high school career, I am apologizing for my actions last weekend. I have let you all down. Please believe me when I say I know how big my mistake was and that it will be in my head until the day I die. I ask that you remember who I am and who I still am. I will work twice as hard as a student athlete for the remainder of my high school career to try to gain back the respect and support I have lost from you.

Family appreciates loving care

We really want to thank everyone who came out to Dons celebration of life and those who shared publicly and privately. Hearing your stories was a gift. His grandchildren are young and the memories you shared will give them a better sense of who their grandfather was. A special thank you also to the staff of Marias Majestic View Assisted Living for the loving care you unfailingly gave him. Everywhere we turn we meet generosity and support. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.
Don Rondas Family
Arlene, Ann, Sharon and Mike

Many thanks to Anchor River Inn

The friends and family of Gary Collins would like to give a big thank you to the Anchor River Inn for their donation of the banquet room, donation of the use of their kitchen supplies, and the use of their wonderful staff. You helped to make Gary Collins celebration of life a wonderful day. Our sincerest compliments to the Anchor River Inn and staff for their good humor and helpful ways. A special thank you to Jo Ann Acuna. Thank you.
Betsy Beaks for
the friends and family of Gary Collins

Shame on you, Homer

A few weeks ago a young person here in Homer was victimized, traumatized and assaulted at a party by a group of Homers supposed role models and athletes.
To the parents who let their children go to parties, shame on you, underage drinking is illegal.
To the parents of the middle school age children who were at this party, shame on you, maybe you need to be a little more on top of where your children are.
To the administrators and coaches whose response was pathetic at best, shame on you. Obviously stats and scores are more important to you than justice.

Graffiti: a different interpretation

It is with sincere gratitude that I thank Jo Going for her courageous letter.
I also appreciate Michael Armstrongs article on the graffiti that appeared in many places in town two weeks ago. In my opinion he missed a crucial point. When I saw the vandalized art wall, I wondered, What has just happened in our community to prompt this?
Graffiti can be a direct response to the sense of silence ... in response to trauma. I dont condone defacing property. There are times it is necessary to say, acknowledge publicly, when something has happened.


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