What are we doing to combat evil?

Did you know that the executive branch may conduct unwarranted search and seizure, disappear to undisclosed indefinite detention, torture or rendition American citizens anywhere in the world, including America, without due process, trial or jury on mere whim of, or unproven allegations under the guise of terrorism?

Medicare open enrollment for drug plans happening now

To All Medicare Beneficiaries,
Don’t forget — Medicare Open Enrollment for Part D (the drug plans) is Oct. 15 through Dec 7. Now is the time to compare your current Medicare Part D plan with all your options for 2013. You may find better coverage, higher quality or lower cost. Some plans offer prescription coverage when you’re in the coverage gap/donut hole but others don’t.

Riders deliver amazing show

On Sept. 27, more than 450 students in grades 3-6 filled Homer High School’s Mariner Theatre for a rollicking one-hour assembly with the great cowboy musicians, Riders in the Sky. With their gentle, wacky humor, extraordinary musical talent and stage presence, the Riders delivered an amazing show, and the students ate it up. They sang, clapped their hands, yodeled and asked questions (“Why do you have sparkles on your shirt?” ... “How old are you?”) And from what I’m hearing from people around town, our kids are still talking about the Riders.

What’s in a name?

Definition from Webster’s Tenth Edition:

Buccaneer (circa 1690) 1: any of the freebooters preying on Spanish ships and settlements especially in the West Indies in the 17th century; broadly:  pirate.  2: an unscrupulous adventurer especially in business or politics.

Bumppo Bremicker and Lindianne Sarno

Things Americans should know

The Federal Reserve, the Fed, is a private, for profit, conglomeration of banks, including international banks that stem from the Rothschild empire. The word “federal” is misleading. It, along with the IRS, was established and signed into law in 1913, under president Wilson. Wilson later regretted this signing. It passed through Congress after midnight right before Christmas while most of Congress was absent due to Christmas. It was never ratified by the states. Its 100-year charter is up next year. 

Homer’s entertainment can’t be beat

Wow — it was an evening of total electric energy at the Down East Saloon last Saturday night with the magical sounds of Meg Mackey. No one expected what they got this time for sure, a rock concert, for a mere $5 cover charge. It would have been $30 in any other town but Homer. Mackey’s awesome band also honored Paula with a birthday song during the evening, making it a home-like atmosphere.

Bycatch must be addressed first

According to the Oct. 11, 2012, Homer News article “NPFMC recommends catch sharing plan” the issue of the 13,686,000 pounds of commercial fishing bycatch and waste was still not addressed. Before any reduction of allocation of halibut from sport fishing occurs, the poundage commercial fishing bycatch and waste of halibut should be deducted from the commercial fishing allocation of halibut. Only then we can fairly discuss a catch-sharing plan between commercial and sport fishing. 

There is no bycatch and waste of halibut by sport fishing.

Lots of winners in Lions raffle

Don’t be sad if you didn’t win the 2012 Harley Davidson Switchback or one of 15 other raffle prizes from the Kachemak Bay Lions Club. Your $100 “donation” is going to help fund eye exams and glasses, Thanksgiving baskets, Long Term Care Center Christmas gifts, Leader Dogs for the blind,  diabetes research, cancer research, summer camps for visually impaired children, help for fire and medical emergencies, education scholarships and the list goes on. 

Family appreciates support

There are no words to express how much we appreciate the outpouring of love and caring we have received from so many people since Cody passed away. Your kind words, cards, flowers and hugs were so heartwarming. Cody will live on in our hearts and memories, but only time will help those memories bring more laughter than tears.  

Mike and Karen DeVaney

Students learn from documentaries

Hello, I am a student at Homer Flex and I am writing to thank Jamie and Lynette Sutton for giving us the opportunity to watch free documentaries at the ninth annual Documentary Film Festival at the Homer Family Theater. 

All the students at Flex are thankful for the opportunity to watch the documentaries. After watching them, we wrote about how the topic of each individual documentary affects our lives. We had great discussions about the films, especially the film “Bully.” 

Basket applications available Oct. 29

Hello again. Thought an update was necessary so that everyone knew where to get the Thanksgiving basket applications and other important information. Applications this year will be at First National Bank and will be available on Oct. 29. They also will be available at the Homer Community Food Pantry that day. We are still appealing for donations of any kind — including money, time, turkeys, canned goods etc.  If you call, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ordinance would help protect salmon, the economy, future

Listening to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly meeting Oct. 9 had me standing in the kitchen in disbelief at the continued testimony of my fellow borough residents. You can argue all you want, but a red salmon is not going to change its life history to accommodate your lakefront home. Our reds, our sockeye salmon on the Kenai Peninsula, live in our lakes for the first several years of their lives. Sockeye spend approximately the first half of their life cycle rearing in lakes.

Hospice says thanks

Hospice of Homer extends a warm thank you to all the generous businesses and individuals who supported the first annual Hospice All Ages Summer Fun Run. The event was a huge success with almost 60 participants ranging in ages from 7 to 75.

Kudos to readers, plant lovers

The Friends of the Homer Library would like to thank the generous book-worms and master gardeners who donated books and plants to our 2012 Fall Book & Plant Sale, the avid readers and plant lovers who turned out to buy them, and the volunteers who helped make it all come together.

Fair blooming success

The Voznesenka School had its annual Garden Fair this September. It was a great success thanks to the commitment of our local communities.
We would like to thank the following businesses for contributing the prizes we awarded to our students: Ulmers Hardware, The Gear Shed, The Wagon Wheel, Fritz Creek General Store, Safeway, Save-U-More, Alaska Boats and Permits, and Ground Control Landscape Services. Thanks again for your support.
Michael Houghton
for the students and staff of the Voznesenka School




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