Sliding the stones

  • From left to right, Catriona Lowe, Joel Vos and Karen Noyes sweep in front of the stone during a curling demonstration on Sunday for the Homer Hockey Association’s Kevin Bell Appreciation Day. -Michael Armstrong-Homer News
  • Michelle Hatten throws a stone during the curling demonstration. Hatten improvised a curling shoe by wrapping duct tape around the shoe.
  • Liz Diament laughs as she throws a stone during a curling demonstration on Sunday. Diament slid the stone right on the center, or button, of the circular target. -Michael Armstrong-Homer News

About 20 people showed up Sunday to try out the sport of curling at the Kevin Bell Ice Arena, part of Kevin Bell Appreciation Day events. A Homer Curling Club is being formed, with appeals to buy a set of curling stones, about $5,000 for 16 used stones. Curling involves sliding stones toward a painted circle. “It’s like darts, but with 46-pound pieces of granite,” said Joel Vos, one of the organizers. To donate or for more information on the club, call Ted Otis at 399-7339.


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